Robert Ryman

Robert Ryman (b. 1930, United States) is a painter associated with the American minimalism and conceptual art movements. Ryman is known for his white monochromatic paintings. Working on the basis of self-imposed formal conditions that limit his work to a square format and white paint, Ryaman’s work examines proportion, composition, texture and the close relation between paintings and the walls on which they hang. His paintings seem to emphasize a person’s ability to perceive minor changes; the attention and concentration required from the viewer can be considered similar to that Ryman himself needs when producing them. Ryman’s works are in important international collections and are frequently on show in leading museums worldwide.

Robert Ryman, Prototype, 1969, Acrylic on Fibreglass

Robert Ryman, Core XXI, 1995, Encaustic painting with graphite and wax crayon on lana paper

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