Jan Tichy

Jan Tichy (b. 1974, The Czech Republic) is a photographer whose minimalistic and abstract work centers on architecture and structures, especially through the use of light projections that govern both space and location. Tichy began his career as a photographer before turning to video projections in an attempt to overcome what he felt were the limitations of photography in expressing his political and cultural outlook. Video projections have the power to transform space allowing Tichy to place viewers inside the work. The political issues brought forth in his works, for example his attention to security facilities, are articulated in terms of time, space and light and set in a wider conceptual fabric. Raised in Israel, Tichy lives and works in Chicago. His work has been shown in important international art spaces including the MoMA, Magazine 3, and the Israel Museum. Tichy received the Tel Aviv Museum Gottesdiener Prize in 2013.

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Further information: jantichy.com

Jan Tichy, Changing Chicago (26th St. Parade), 2012, Video Projection

Jan Tichy, 1391, 2007, Video installation

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