Melanie Manchot

Melanie Manchot (b. 1966, Germany) is a photographer and video artist living and working in London. Manchot’s renowned series of portraits of her mother and her, from the 1990’s, presented a new attitude toward the female body and placed the mother-daughter relationship at the center of the stage. Manchot’s artistic practice involves a process of learning and familiarization – moving between personal and collective memory and the isolation of the studio. Most of her works come into being following a long period of investigation and research of her photographic subjects and her relations with them. Manchot has shown her works in many exhibitions in the UK and elsewhere, including the biennials in Venice and Istanbul.

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Further information:

Melanie Manchot ,Double portrait, Mum and I, 1997, Silver gelatin and mixed media on canvas

Melanie Manchot, aeroflot 12.36pm, 2004, C-print

Melanie Manchot, manege 3.15pm, 2004, C-print

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