Natalie Zourabova

Natalie Zourabova

Natalia Zourabova (b. 1975, Russia) is an Israeli painter who studied at art academies in Moscow and Berlin, before immigrating to Israel in 2004. Zourabova’s paintings depict the appearance of the complex reality of her immediate surroundings in bright colors and high contrast. She paints everyday scenes whose seemingly benign familiarity emits a sense of impending catastrophe. Zourabova is a founding member of the New Barbizon group, comprising five female artists who immigrated to Israel from the former USSR, and encountered a different artistic tradition and discourse from the one in their countries of origin. Zourabova has exhibited solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Germany, Russia and the US. She is the recipient of the 2011 Igal Ahuovi Prize for a Promising Artists.

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Natalia Zourabova, Playground, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Natalia Zourabova, Last Evening, 2011, Acrylic on canvas

Natalia Zourabova, Rehov Ein Gedi, 2011, Acrylic on canvas

Natalia Zourabova, Vineyard, cow corpse, 2011, Acrylic on canvas

Natalia Zourabova, Ethiopian, 2010, Acrylic on canvas

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