Tamar Getter

Tamar Getter (b. 1953, Israel) is among Israel’s leading conceptual artists. In her first solo exhibition, at the Gilat Gallery in Jerusalem in 1975, she showed a series of works that were later known as the Tel-Hai Cycle. This cycle developed through a number of exhibitions and is linked to Italian Renaissance painting (especially the work of Piero della Francesca). It refers to geometry, painting, terror, war mythos, heroes and anti-heroes. Getter treated constituting moments in Israeli war heritage through a process of abstraction, transforming them into lines (schemes) that could potentially be duplicated infinitely, as both positive and negative images.

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Tamar Getter, Death and the Maiden, 2001, Oil tempra on 10 wood panels

Tamar Getter, Death and the Maiden, 2001, Video and sound

Tamar Getter, Zvika Force ,1974-1978, Blackboard paint, classroom chalk, manipulated photo on vinyl sheet

Tamar Getter, Head and Uccello’s Chalice, 1974 – 1978. Blackboard paint, classroom chalk, lacquer and photo on vinyl sheet

Tamar Getter, Untitled (From Recruits series,1989–1991), 1990, Oil and tempera on canvas

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