Craig Kauffman

Craig Kauffman (1932-2010) was a painter and sculptor associated with the minimalist movement that developed in the American west coast. Kauffman’s sculptures are defined by their curved shapes, bright colors and vivacity, which were achieved using industrial materials and novel technologies, such as shaping plastic with heat and vacuum and cutting techniques for acrylic boards. Kauffman’s early training as a painter was expressed in his color work, shading and flattened compositions. His reliefs were admired among art audiences for their ingenuity, novelty and fine quality. Kauffman’s works are included in the collections of leading museum in Europe and the United States, where retrospective exhibitions of his works were held.

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Further information:

Craig Kauffman, Granada, 2007, Acrylic lacquer on vacuum formed plastic

Craig Kauffman, Singuelas, 2007, Acrylic lacquer on vacuum formed plastic

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