Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas (b. 1953, South Africa) is a painter whose work lingers on the deep connection between expressive, sensual and erotic qualities of painting and the challenges conceptual art presents to common sense, taboos and social norms. Dumas, who lives and works in Amsterdam, chooses to paint the controversial and stretch the limits of the image beyond its painterly properties. Dumas’ paintings are usually based on photographic images she either creates or finds. Works by Dumas have been shown in numerous exhibitions in major international museums. A retrospective exhibition of her work was recently on show in Basel, London and Amsterdam.

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Further information:

Marlene Dumas, Love Talk, 1994, Watercolour and ink on paper

Marlene Dumas, The Curtain, 1994, Oil on canvas

Marlene Dumas, My Plek (My Place), 2000, Oil on canvas

Marlene Dumas, Untitled, 1991 – 1992, Indian ink and watercolour on paper

Marlene Dumas, That Type of Girl, 1989, Ink Wash and watercolour on paper

Marlene Dumas, 1. Self-portrait with a Hangover, 2. Portrait of A.M. van Kerckhoven, 1991, Watercolour and ink on paper

Marlene Dumas, Het Gesprek (The Conversation), 1993, Oil on canvas

Marlene Dumas, Imaginary 1, 2002, Oil on canvas

Marlene Dumas, Magdelena from the Back, 1996 – 1999, Ink and Chalk on Paper

Marlene Dumas, Living on your Knees, 2010, Oil on linen

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