Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno (b. 1964, Algiers) is an artist and filmmaker living and working in Paris, in whose work tests the boundaries between truth and fiction, imagination and reality. His works challenge and attempt to refute conventional notions regarding the nature of existence, time and memory. Due to their intertwining and reciprocity, Parreno ’s works function optimally as complete exhibitions or installations with each work charging the others with additional meaning. Parreno has held solo exhibitions at Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Barbican Centre and Serpentine Gallery in London, Garage in Moscow and the Armory in New York. His works belong to important international collections, including the MoMA and Tate Modern.

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Philippe Parreno, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, white fireworks in daytime, launching a sigil in the sky, 2008, Phosphorescent ink silkscreened on black velvet

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