Moshe Ninio

Moshe Ninio (b. 1953, Israel) is a conceptual artist, photographer, writer and curator whose work focuses on images and their presence in space. Ninio’s works function on two parallel axes: an internal-artistic investigation as well as a material one. The former attends to the sources of images in the artistic discourse and cultural canon; whilst the latter examines production processes and materiality in relation to specific images, how they are conveyed to viewers and eventually presented in artworks. According to Ninio, images, such the glass cell Eichmann was held in during his trial, are impressed simultaneously on their material support and in collective memory. Ninio has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Israel and abroad. He is the recipient of the Israel Museum Sandberg Prize in 2014.

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Moshe Ninio, Glass III, 2011, Archival paper print

Moshe Ninio, One Tower Attempt, 1977-1992, Black and white photography on aluminium, plexiglas

Moshe Ninio, Sight I and Sight III, 2016, Inkjet print on archival paper

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