Francis Alÿs

Francis Alÿs (b. 1959, Belgium) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Mexico City. His living environment, in all its minor details, is at the center of his work and is used to evoke thoughts about profound issues. Simple metaphors, nonchalant physical gestures, architectural relics in the urban expanse and even garbage serve Alÿs in creating moments of compassion. Alÿs spends a lot of time traveling around the world, working on projects in various locations, such as Afghanistan and Israel. He produces work in all types of media including painting, drawing, video, installation and performance. A retrospective exhibition of his work was shown in 2011 in London and Brussels, and works by him are on permanent display in numerous leading international museums.

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Further information:

Francis Alÿs, Untitled (Man with Ball), 1993, (i) Encaustic on canvas, 13 x 16.5 cm. (ii) enamel on large tin mounted on wood backing

Francis Alÿs, City Scapes – Hotel Garage, 1993, (i) Oil on canvas,  (ii) Enamel on metal sheet, (iii) Enamel on metal sheet

Francis Alÿs, Camgun #79, 2008, Wood, metal, Plastic, Film Reels, film

Francis Alÿs, Untitled (liar, the copy of the liar), 1996 Oil, Graphite and masking tape on vellum

Francis Alÿs, Untitled (Study for Cityscape), 1993 – 1994 Oil, Graphite and masking tape on vellum

Francis Alÿs, Untitled (Study of a chair with table), 1999 Oil, Opaque white pencil on tracing paper

Francis Alÿs, Untitled (Hyde Park), 1999, black and white photograph on matte paper mounted to white board

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