Elham Rokni

Elham Rokni (b. 1980, Iran) is an Israeli video artist and painter in whose work creates enigmatic narratives that are based on memory and fragments of information she retrieves from the internet. A central question in Rokni’s practice concerns the amount of information viewers need in order to create a mental picture – or, conversely, how much information the artist needs in order to complete a partial memory. Rokni’s drawings are dismantled and broken-down, creating fabrics of textures and colors. Her video works also involve deconstructing and reforming memories and dreams. Rokni holds a MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. Her work has been exhibited in many exhibitions in museums and other art spaces.

Related exhibitions: Potent Wilderness, Promising Artist Award 2012

Further information: http://www.elhamrokni.com/

Elham Rokni, Abbas suit, 2009, Tape and markers on paper

Elham Rokni, Ceiling Cuts, 2013, Markers and ink on Paper

Elham Rokni, Stanford’s horses, 2011, Stencil ink drawing on paper and looped video projection

Elham Rokni, Clavileno, 2010, Video installation

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