Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander (b. 1976, United Kingdom) is a conceptual artist whose work attends to the procedures of artistic production and the mechanisms involved in making artworks and presenting the artistic act. Gander’s varied output, which includes video works, installations, sculptures and photographs, is closely linked to spoken language, employing humor, memory, puns and storytelling. Many of his works present enigmas and riddles, confronting viewers with what is lacking and making them an active part of the work. Gander has held exhibitions in important art venues around the world, including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Guggenheim in New York, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. He produced works for the Venice Biennial and Documenta in Kassel.


Ryan Gander, Human’s being human (blue on yellow), 2012, Digital print on blue-backed billboard paper

Ryan Gander, A Study for English Girls / Foreign Girls, 2011, 2 Framed Photographs

Ryan Gander, Remember me, mistakenly – Although you’ve given me everything (lohse), 2011, Oil on canvas

Ryan Gander, Your present time orientation (Second Act) – Random Abstraction, 2011, Custom painted glass glass perspex clip frames

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