David Hammons

David Hammons (b. 1943, United States) is among the founding figures of conceptual art in the United States, and one of the chief proponents of the civil rights movement. Since the 1970’s Hammons has been creating art that accentuates his African-American roots – if by using his body or by the actions he undertakes. Hammons’ works and actions in the public arena have managed to generate confusion and a sense of uneasiness among viewers, especially brought on by minimalistic yet definitive gestures, such as concealing his paintings behind canvas or blocking the entry to the gallery which held them. Motifs such as basketball and curly hair also serve Hammons to assert the way American society perceives African-American culture. Hammons’ solo exhibitions and projects were held in leading public museums and galleries worldwide.

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David Hammons, Untitled (Basketball Drawing), 2009, Dirt on paper in wooden frame, with green leather suitcase

David Hammons, Untitled, 2007, Mixed Media and American mink fur

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