Charles Avery

Charles Avery (b. 1973, Scotland) is a multi-disciplinary artist. Since 2004 Avery has dedicated his practice to the description and construction of an imaginary island. In drawings, sculptures, installations and video works, Avery describes a world that has its own population, philosophy, bureaucracy, nature and architecture. Life on the island is recounted mostly through its metropolis Onomatopoeia, and the stories of its inhabitants are told in sporadic episodes and disconnected anecdotes rather than in a linear or chronological way. Avery’s continued preoccupation with the island is anchored in his biography – he grew up on the Isle of Mull on Scotland’s west coast. Avery has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across Europe.

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Charles Avery, The Labour Exchange, 2012, Pencil and ink on paper mounted linen

Charles Avery, Untitled (It Means It Means; Balla, Lewitt), 2013, Pencil, ink, Acrylic and gouache on paper, mounted on linen

Charles Avery, Untitled (functionary), 2010, Bronze, cardboard, gouache, acrylic

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