Haim Steinbach

Haim Steinbach, (b. 1944, Israel) is an American artist known for his interest in displaying methods, which serve as “stages” for mostly readymade objects. These represent a wide range of social and cultural sources, deriving from high and low culture, usually coming straight off the manufacturing line, but at time also used and second hand. Steinbach’s glass cases and shelves, which often evoke minimalist sculptures, are conceived as framing devices. By juxtaposing discrete objects Steinbach endows them with a new context and makes the relations between them allegoric. Steinbach has exhibited his work in leading museums and galleries worldwide including London’s Serpentine Gallery, Centre Pompidou, and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. His work has also been on show at art events such as Documenta in Kassel and the Venice Biennial.

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Further information: haimsteinbach.net

Haim Steinbach, Untitled (Boba Fett), 2012, Wood, plastic laminate and glass box; plastic Boba Fett helmet

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