Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum (b. 1952, Lebanon) uses unconventional methods and materials for the creation of her works, which are often direct poetic responses to political, social and personal situations. Hatoum began her artistic career as a video and performance artist with many of her works focusing on issues pertaining to the body. Moving to sculpture, Hatoum utilized familiar everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, beds, carpets and lamps to confront viewers with fears and desires. Her works juxtapose opposing sensations, such as beauty and horror, desire and repulsion, and question their simultaneous existence is people’s lives. Hatoum lives and works in the United Kingdom where she has gained much success. A retrospective exhibition of her work was on show at the Centre Pompidou in the summer of 2015, and will be travelling to Helsinki and London.

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Mona Hatoum, 3-D Cities, 2008, Printed maps, wood

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