Elad Larom

Elad Larom (b. 1976, Israel) is a painter and video artist, who is among the young generation of Israeli artists. Larom uses borrowed images (anonymous or from the history of art) which he then combines into painted collages. In addition to the surrealist connections Larom forms between images, he also juxtaposes different painterly languages on the same canvas. Larom holds a MFA from Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Israel, the United States, and the Netherlands. He is the recipient of the Excellence Prize on behalf of the Bezalel Academy of Art, and the Eileen and Donald Cooper Prize for artistic merit.

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Elad Larom, Pool Triangle, 2010, Oil on canvas

Elad Larom, Two reptilians, 2012, Oil on canvas

Elad Larom, Tomato Man, 2012, Oil on canvas

Elad Larom, Checkup, 2009, Oil on canvas

Elad Larom, Rothko’s dream, 2012, Oil on canvas

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