Ido Michaeli

Ido Michaeli (b. 1980, Israel) is a multidisciplinary artist in whose work creates interferences with Israel’s official and cultural symbols and iconography. Michaeli detects the heroes, heroines and popular legends and myths that have found a visual expression in modern Israeli culture. These are “treated” in painting, prints, tapestry, impressions, photography and more. Michaeli’s works are not conceived as parodies or satires ridiculing iconic symbols or texts, but as realizations and reexaminations of the desire for visual means as part of national narratives. That said, the unusual manipulations Michaeli applies to his objects induce viewers to confront certain representational aspects embodied in them. Michaeli is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Solo exhibitions of his work have been shown in various venues in Israel.

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Further information:

Ido Michaeli, Maimonides’ Attire, 2011, mixed media installation with video

Ido Michaeli, Agent A (Self portrait as the spy Eli Cohen), 2011, Inkjet print

Ido Michaeli, Black Panther Got Loose From the Bronx Zoo, 2017. Hand-woven tapestry, wool and cotton, and Video

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