Neo Rauch

Neo Rauch (b. 1960, Germany) is a leading German painter. Together with his many students, he is held responsible for reforming the art of painting in the former East Germany. His works are characterized by their surreal collage style that merges different images and painterly languages, offering an alternative to later German Pop art, which tended to place the artist center stage. Rauch’s paintings show the influence of the communist aesthetic that defined painting in the GDR prior to the fall of the wall. His paintings offer unusual and uneasy connections between manual and industrial labor, Brutalist architecture and lush forests, science and folktales. Since the 1990’s Rauch has gained much acclaim and his works have been exhibited extensively in Europe and the United States.

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Neo Rauch, höhe, 2004, Oil on canvas

Neo Rauch, o.T., 2003, Oil , graphite on paper

Neo Rauch, Autor, 1994, Oil on paper on linen

Neo Rauch, Stationen, 1995, Oil on Paper

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