Michael Gross

Michael Gross (1920-2004, Israel) was a painter and sculptor who formed a unique language of abstraction and minimalism. Gross’ landscapes and figures touched the boundaries of the abstract, testing the meeting points between abstract and figurative, and the relation of both to reality. Besides traditional materials, Gross also worked with found and industrial materials. In his later works he emphasized the empty spaces of compositions, such as the white canvas or the space around sculptures. Gross’ works are in the collections of important art museums worldwide, and on show in major art centers.

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Michael Gross, Hill, 1970 – 1980, Oil on canvas

Michael Gross, The Portrait of the Poet T.Carmi, 1960’s, Oil on wood

Michael Gross, Untitled, 1974, Painted wood and oil on canvas

Michael Gross, Untitled, Oil on canvas

Michael Gross, Untitled, Watercolour and pencil on paper

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