Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham (b. 1949, Canada) is among a group of conceptual photographers from Vancouver who emerged in the 1980s. Graham works in all types of media, observing, quoting, appropriating and referencing the art world. The central issues of his work are self-reflection and self-representation in art. With that in mind, Graham frequently appears in his photographs and films. In other works he includes elements that can be read as self-portraying. In his photographic series and lightboxes, for example, Graham masquerades as different figures, yet remains easily recognizable. Many of his video works attend to absurdities that are indicative of society at large.

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Rodney Graham, Shoes for City Self / Country Self, 2008, Vitrine: Steel, Glass: Handmade Shoes (size 41) , leather, metal

Rodney Graham, Cactus Fan, 2013, Painted aluminum light box with transmounted chromogenic transparency

Rodney Graham, Sunday Sun 1937, 2012, Painted aluminium light box with transmounted chromogenic transparency,

Rodney Graham, Mini Rotary Pyscho Opticon, 2008, Installation of bicycle and hub

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