Micha Ullman

Micha Ullman (b. 1939, Israel) is among the most important and influential sculptors in Israel. His outdoor and public sculptures are installed in Israel, Germany and Poland. Ullman often uses red sand and earth in his works, at times containing it in metal constructions, or allowing it to seep and spill into the gallery space, or gluing it onto paper. Many of Ullman’s sculptures are subterranean, often partially or fully burrowed underground. His most well-known sculpture is Bibliotek, a mute underground library at Berlin’s August-Bebleplatz, a site in which the Nazis burned books. Ullman is the recipient of the 2009 Israel Prize.

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Micha Ullman, Camera (Kamera), 2001, iron, red sand and glass

Micha Ullman, Television (Fernseher), 2001, iron, red sand and glass

Micha Ullman, Shelter 2, 1980, Graphite and red sand on paper

Micha Ullman, Week (Woche), 1999, Red sand on paper

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