Michal Na’aman

Michal Na’aman (b. 1951, Israel) is a painter and conceptual artist who works with found images, words and the relations between them. At the end of the 1970s, when Na’aman began exhibiting her works, she was associated with a group of artists who had turned to conceptual art, and her work continues in this vein to this day. Notions from the fields of literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis and mystics serve Na’aman as foil and are treated in her work. Na’aman has shown many exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Together with Tamar Getter, she represented Israel in the 1982 Venice Biennial. She is the recipient of the 2014 Israel Prize.

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Michal Na’aman, Insert, Multiply, 1976, photographs, paper, letraset, pencil and industrial lacquer on plywood

Michal Na’aman, From the Back, Thief, Tail, 1977, photograph,paper and letraset on plywood

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