Yossi Breger

Yossi Breger (b. 1960. France) is an Israeli photographer and lecturer, in whose works creates visual essays that comprise the accumulation of photographs taken daily over a certain period of time. Breger’s personal outlook and unique framing of the world surrounding him reveal his wonderment at the actuality and aesthetics of the everyday elevating them to the level of the sublime. Whereas it may seem at first glance that Breger’s work is indexical, a deeper look exposes another layer wherein the photograph is poised as a consumerist method that appropriates the world. Breger has exhibited solo and group exhibitions in leading museums and galleries in Israel.

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Yossi Breger, Parked Cars,Port of Ashdod 2009, Inkjet print,

Yossi Breger, Ceiling, Pantheon, Rome 2010, Inkjet print,

Yossi Breger, Woman with Glasses (Advertisment Image), Rome, 2010, Inkjet print,

Yossi Breger, Eiffel Tower, Paris, 2007, Inkjet print,

Yossi Breger, Residential Building (1966), Montparnasse, Paris, 2008, Inkjet print,

Yossi Breger, Bible, Father’s Bar-Mitzvah Gift to his Son Gideon, Nice, 1943, Gordon Street,Tel Aviv, 2010, Inkjet print

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