Irving Penn

Irving Penn (1917-2009, United States) was an American photographer known for his expressive and honest portraits, which relinquished “settings” in favor of his sitters. Besides his work in fashion, advertising and portraiture, Penn created typological series of photographs which are of anthropological significance, such as photos of immigrants, laborers and various professionals. Penn also shot still life images which were devoid of details aside from their principle object thus revealing the richness embodied in minute details. Penn’s clear and stark visual language was influential on many generations of photographers worldwide, and despite their links with consumer culture they were exhibited extensively in museums of fine art.

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Irving Penn, Child of Florence, 1948, Platinum-palladium print

Irving Penn, Butcher, London, 1950, Platinum-palladium print

Irving Penn, Patissiers, Paris, 1950, Platinum-palladium print

Irving Penn , Coalman, London, 1950, Platinum-palladium print

Irving Penn, Bread, Salt and Water, New York, 1980, Dye Transfer print

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