Thomas Schütte

Thomas Schütte (b. 1954, Germany) is among the most influential sculptors of our times. His ostensibly utilitarian works, which seem to address the everyday life of people, in fact highlight modernism’s failures, shortcomings and false assurances. Schütte’s sculptures offer ideal yet impossible working and living environments, and figures that are mentally and physically impaired, at times suffering from disfiguration. His work is a reaction to post-war Germany and conceives human, social and industrial development as a cancerous growth. Many of Schütte’s pieces are outdoor sculptures and monuments, questioning the place of art in the public sphere and the social importance of commemorative monuments. Thomas Schütte has held many solo exhibitions in Germany and worldwide, including a number of projects at Documenta in Kassel. He was the recipient of the Golden Lion Award at the 2005 Venice Biennial.


Further information:

Thomas Schütte, Untitled, 2003, bronze sculpture, wooden pedestal and model car

Thomas Schütte, Rote Fabrik, 2003, Mix Media

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